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key oklahoma cityThe evolution of Skulls Unlimited started when, at age seven, Jay Villemarette found a dog skull in the woods near his home. When his father saw his interest, he encouraged him to find and collect other skulls, thus making it a life-long hobby. As he grew – so did his collection.

In 2010, he opened SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology to showcase specimens from his personal collection. The museum features hundreds of skull and skeletal specimens acquired over the years and serves as the largest privately held collection of osteological specimens in the world.

The goal of the museum is to serve as an educational experience, celebrating vertebrate life by providing guests with an engaging adventure full of discovery, with the hopes that through education they will help cultivate an appreciation of the natural world and ultimately lead to conservation for the future. The Museum provides an insight on the otherwise hidden workings of the animal kingdom and allows visitors to explore the form and function of the skeletal system.

Most guests are surprised to know you can touch any of the animals that are not behind class including the giraffes, hippo, rhino, and elephant. Connecting at a child’s level is key to creating memories and installing empathy and love for all animals and the natural world. So many of us found our love for osteology, zoology, paleontology, anthropology, and all the other “ologies” at a young age. They hope to inspire young people to find their passion.

The Museum of Osteology features over 350 full articulated skeletons on display and just over 800 different skulls and artifacts to look at. Species vary from a 40-footlong humpback whale that is suspended from the ceiling, all the way down to a tiny hummingbird. The Museum of Osteology collection largely consists of a variety of mammalian species, to include a few humans!

Many of the human skulls and skeletons showcase various pathologies or anomalies. The human pathological skulls in the collection, allow researchers and guests to view disease and human suffering in a different light, sparking interest and awareness of rare and difficult to treat conditions.

The Museum of Osteology is open Monday – Friday 9-5; Saturday, 11-5; and Sunday, 1-5.The Museum is located at 10301 South Sunnylane Road on the southeast side of OKC. For more infomation call 405-814-0006 or visit

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