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Visitors to Oklahoma City have the opportunity to see Intent to Deceive: Fakes and Forgeries in the Art World at the OKC Museum of art beginning February 14. The exhibition profiles five prolific forgers from the 20th century to the present day. The exhibit explores the psyches of these forgers and examines how they managed to deceive and beguile the art world.

Among the more than 55 works on display, "Intent to Deceive" features original works by renowned artists such as Charles Courtney Curran, Honoré Daumier, Philip de László, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Paul Signac, and Maurice de Vlaminck, interspersed with fakes and forgeries painted in the styles of these masters. The
exhibition presents some of the most infamous scandals in the art world and allows viewers to test their perceptions of authenticity.

Unable to make a career based on the acceptability of their own artistic style, the five forgers profiled in "Intent to Deceive"- Han van Meegeren, Elmyr de Hory, Eric Hebborn, John Myatt, and Mark Landis - found fakery, the exact
duplication of an original work of art, and forgery, the creation and selling of a work of art which is falsely credited to another, to be their surest avenue to recognition and commercial success.

Five galleries showcase their personal effects and the materials and techniques each used to create fraudulent works, the exhibition illuminates how each forger managed to fool the experts until they were ultimately exposed. The exhibition brings to light these forgers' frustrated artistic ambitions, chaotic personal lives and contempt for the art world. It also examines how advances in technology are aiding art
professionals in ascertaining authenticity.

The last gallery of the exhibition is an interactive space where visitors have a chance to pick out authentic works of art hung beside fakes and forgeries. Visitors can also try their own hand at creating a copy of a drawing by French artist Honore Daumier.

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City’s Arts District, at 415 Couch Drive. Visit the Museum online at or call 405-236-3100 for admission pricing, hours of operation or more information.

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