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diningYou want history? Come take a step back in time... Cattlemen’s Café opened its doors to hungry cowboys, ranchers, cattle haulers and the like in 1910. The Stockyards City area was a beehive of activity back then, as herds of cattle were driven to Oklahoma City in an unending stream to satisfy the East’s growing demand for beef.

It was in 1926 that H.V. “Homer” Paul took over Cattlemen’s, already a well-known establishment among the area’s thousands of workers. Cattlemen’s was one of the few places that stayed open after sundown. Because of this, it also attracted a very colorful clientele. During Prohibition, it was known for its home-brewed ‘liquid delights.’

In 1945, Cattlemen’s was owned by Hank Fry, a gambler of sorts. In a smoke-filled room at the old Biltmore Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, Fry was running out of luck and money in dice game attended by a local rancher, Mr. Gene Wade. Fry put up Cattlemen’s as the pot if Wade could roll a ‘hard six,’ otherwise known as two 3s. Wade put up his life savings, which was a sizable amount of money. With one roll of the dice, Gene Wade was in the restaurant business. The ‘33’ brand on the wall of Cattlemen’s Hereford Room became a well-known symbol of Wade’s good fortune.

Since 1945, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse has become a gathering place for all kinds of folks - from movie stars to rodeo greats, politicians to potentates! Check the walls of the dining rooms and view the drawings of all the well-knowns who have sampled Cattlemen’s fare. Gene Autry, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan (before he was President), and more recently, Reba McIntyre. In the early ‘90s, George Bush (the elder, while he was President) stopped in for a good meal and a stiff drink.

Today, like a good wine, Cattlemen’s continues to improve with age. Make your plans to enjoy Cattlemen’s, where you will get the finest cuts of beef, in a relaxed atmosphere, with attentive service.

The western spirit that helped found OKC is alive and well at Cattlemen’s in the Stockyards District. Located one mile south of I-40 at Agnew, visitor’s can take advantage of the Metro Transit Orange Line Trolley, which operates on an hourly schedule, traveling between the Meridian Avenue hotels and Bricktown, with stops in the Stockyards.

For more information on Cattlemen's Steakhouse, call 405-236-0416 or visit use at

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